Remeber Me

Dec. 2, 2009 Was a good day for Lucky. He was found on Craigs list ad “free horse” he had been thrown away by his family when they moved away from Colorado. A neighbor had been keeping him in a back yard with no shelter, no heated water and no blanket in our very cold December 2009.

From the day Luck arrived at Zuma’s he became a favorite, I don’t know if it was because of his sad story, his badly malnourished physique, his missing front teeth or his very kind eye, but I do know that his short 5 months with Zuma’s made a big impression on so many.

Infectious Smile

Hindsight being 20/20 we know have the answer to my burning question, “why in-spite of all the proper nutrition is Lucky not gaining weight they way we would like?” Well the answer to this question also leads us to why we lost Lucky to colic on April 22, 2010. Lucky had a very serious heart condition making absorption of nutrition nearly impossible. The drastic weather change combined with his poor circulation and improper bite set poor Luck up for the impaction colic that took him from us. In spite of our valiant efforts to rehabilitate Lucky the deck was stacked against him before he ever arrived at Zuma’s.

Though Luck will be missed by all, we can all reset in the fact that he came to us abandoned and broken and we all put him back together to the best of our ability. We all gave him a secure and happy last five months on this earth. Possibly this was why Lucky landed here, we were sent to rescue him and give him a pleasant transition, and that we did.

Rest In Peace My Gentle Friend.

Lucky  1995-2010

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